I think upon the world as a place for happiness,
And I am questioned on my conjecture.
I think upon the world as a place of clarity, 
And I am left all alone to face the dawn.

When you look around and find yourself among those you can trust, you get that calm presiding over your mind, taking over that battle you just fought. And harmony is the result you gain. “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.” And that’s exactly what you try to do, again and again. You hope and pray for that shade of darkness to fade away.

But does it really go away?  Is that calm spreading in your brain, soothing and constant? Do you really think you can move on?
The answer lies within you.

Betrayal. Something that is harsh reality yet an unavoidable future. You find it hidden in various forms.  Sometimes, in the guise of a friend backstabbing, or in the envious, or in the so-called ‘true love’ of a lover. There’s no running from it, nor towards it. You just move where life takes you, cautioned by the evils of darkness. Under the realms of a serene mind and a crazy heart, you decide to get attached or you decide to let go. Catch hold of that trust? You don’t know what to hold on to and what to detach from.

Say things to yourself alone. People don’t hear you.

When you walk into a room full of people, you wish to speak to them, to make them become partakers in your joy and sorrow. And just then, you notice, no one wants to lend an ear to your noise, leaving your voice a void echo. Words are inexhaustible, but the mind and heart will exhaust at one point.

‘Listening is the art of understanding, of comprehending one another’s soul. It is the weapon of true affection that’ll keep lingering till you let it on.’

Speed and time have fastened their pace, and you foolishly chase them, unconcerned towards those who are already standing there by your side. Looking around has lost its charm. Staying has lost its charm. People are running in a velocity unmeasured by the glories of humanity. An unspeakable truth revolves around, and you try and ignore it, you try and walk pass it, because adherence of it will make you cling on to it forever, but who wants forever? No one, today, wants to be the bearer of another’s piece of soul.

Human affections are the tools of love, and joy. Take a sip of a friend’s story, of a grandpa’s tale, or a stranger’s legend. Be a sharer of thoughts and emotions, of kindness and anger, of love and hate. Make words your wisdom bearer. Be sad, and share your sadness. Stay, to listen. Stay, to talk. You, too, are a human being, you need another one. Don’t always be independent. Try to trust, and try to let go. Un-cage yourself from your seclusion.

Mingle, and love.