I will shut up today and dissolve and sweep,
Till you speak and I weep,
I will cringe again and contort.

I will drill and spree into subliminal degree,
Curtail emotion and in obliquity,
So gratify yourselves at least.

Speak silence, hear a crowd,
Tinker, twinkle and burn out,
So as I am, might I not feel stout?

Cut deep, see deeper, no bone, no flesh,
No sign, no pain, just mess,
So tell me I am wrong in being convinced.

You’ll say its better, it gets and it stays,
I see no end to your dismays,
When shall I conceive some of mine?

Grunted she as she stole her bags,
Her dignity, piousness and her rags,
As she dragged herself out of a bruised eye.

Wept as he lost all and then some more,
To live the life that he abhor,
To live for whom he wanted to and not.

Mauled they and then just part of flesh,
An invisible man was gratified afresh,
Only to lay on common cold,

Until they burnt, only skulls remain,
So today I will refrain,
So today don’t speak, don’t rut.

I listen to sounds that aren’t there,
They cry and cry and wails are bare,
Into oblivion then I stare.

What can I not convince and culminate,
Sulk, slither and duplicate,
For no better more worst.

I will clean today, reflect, resolve,
Apply today and then again dissolve and sweep,
Till you speak and I weep.